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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Mumbai 26/11, a symbol of deep rooted hatred in humans

At once, Mumbai burned and faced bullets

Naina agreed to meet Sameer next day after finishing her hospital duty.  But on the same unfateful night, Sameer was hit by three bullets and almost lost the battle of life in famous 26/11 Mumbai terror attack.  Sameer, who only understood the language of love through music, was punished for the crime, he never committed. Sameer was someone, who would let other smile by taking away their pain and miseries.

He just wanted one thing, just one thing. This is love, for him and for others.

Why those traders of death fired on Sameer and countless others?  Those traders of death did not even know the names of their victims. They fired on each and every one and wounded deeply their body and soul.

Where are we heading for?  Why did we invent guns? Why is needed to kill others and what for? Are we insane? Have we lost our senses?  What are we trying to prove? Do we ever realize that we have no world to rule? Nothing belongs to one person but all of us. Why did we create religions and where these religions are taking us? Are we worshiping God or flatly abusing him by killing his own creation?

We are real idiots and have no rights to kill any life. But we are so arrogant and egoist that we deny to acknowledge others life forms and flatly refusing to co-exist.

God made this world beautiful and created so much for all of us to consume so that we all can live in peace and respect each other.  But somehow, God trusted too much on us and gave us mind to think at will. He gave us wisdom to decide and to choose.

We chose to rule to pacify our ego.

We are no more humans but killing machine.  We kill not to feed our needs but eternally unsatisfied greed.

God must be feeling sorry for creating humans. We created less and destroyed more.

Forgive us God. 

Monday, May 25, 2015

Why love story still connect to people

Being a lovable person means to have the ability to understand and sense the emotions of others.  To feel that one must treat everyone exactly in the same way, he or she would like to be treated.

In this book, female protagonist, Naina was deprived of motherly love as she lost her mother in very young age.  But she managed to fill this gap by allowing herself to be a mother of everyone around her. She cared for everyone selflessly and comforted them by her charming smile.

She also chose the nursing profession so that she could serve to people and be close to god.  

When Sameer entered in her life, she allowed herself to experience the love of someone special and felt blessed to have him in her life.

Sameer and Naina did not do extraordinary things but rather they tried living their life in very modest manner giving able support, love and company to each other.

They did not scale any mountain or crossed the ocean to achieve something to earn the appreciation of people.  They ate together, walked together and shared each and every small things of their life.

They just did one thing without bringing the ounce of corruption in their hearts. They loved each other more than anything else in this world and promised to love even after they leave this mortal body.

For Sameer and Naina, this book came to end but not their love and their love story. 

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Love; that is all we need.

When I decided about penning my thoughts on paper and witnessed these pages turning into a book, I just asked one question to myself as to why am I doing this? Am I writing for the people or for myself? Will I care about what people will say? 

I waited for the answer and it did come like it has always come whenever I needed it.  I knew that I am writing because I needed to do for myself.  I felt the urge of drawing me on sheets of papers and going deep in my heart to check, what is lying there. 

I feel blessed to share that I found an explorer in me who is ready to embrace the unknown.  I found that there exists a soul in me, who could defy obvious to wander into wild. I found that there is a musician who has a desire to be merged with these pure seven sounds of the creator. 

As I kept on writing, I realized that actually we all have these things, what I have. We are all one and have never been apart.

We were told since young age that air, water and food is something, we need more than anything else.  But my own discovery led me to a different conclusion. We don’t need air, water and food as it is already there in plenty around us. 

We need love. We have just one need. This is to love and be loved. 

I am pained to see that we forgot such an important need in the race of life, which is just a fallacy. 

We are in far greater journey than we think. 

I wish, we did not have clever ancestors who came up with the idea of human advancement in the name of development and growth.  This so called growth has caused far more damage to our basic nature rather than uplifting our consciousness. 

Today, we are just running and not even realizing that we are reaching nowhere but circling around. 

With deep pain in my heart and closed eyes, I pray to creator asking for the wisdom so that we can really understand who we are and what we should really have been. 

Monday, May 11, 2015

Race against Time – Can we defeat it?

In Naina-The Eyes book, when Sameer asked his servant to remove all watches and clocks to from his house, he was thinking that he could defeat time by turning his house into timelessness.  He did it just to save something, which he loved most in his life and was very precious to him. 

We all pass from this phase in life. We try to hold on those things, we love most thinking that we might not lose those. 

We come to this world helplessly and leave exactly in the same fashion. When death knocks your door and ready to embrace you in its arm to take you away from this world forever leaving behind your legacy, you are no more than a puppet.  You have no choice but to follow the command of death and take on your further journey with it. 

At that point of time you realize that how empty was the life and how weak you were.  Everything you did in this life and accumulated is left behind now and would only carry your name. 

Death is an eternal truth and time is its carrier. You may forget it but time never. 

One day, when it comes with all its force and in a flip of moment, it is all over. 

Humans have always thought that they have made great progress and would unfold the mystery of this world one day. But I am sure that this innocent yet foolish human ambition would have looked hollow without any profound meaning but only play of ego. 

Let’s not forget death as this is only truth, which is not only absolute but unchanging.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Unproductive Thinking, a path to self-destruction

Humans are born with mind, an infinitely powerful system, capable of virtually achieving anything. This system is made up of cells at the microscopic level and run on oxygen supply.  It is the central part of human body and controls every other body functions. 

This is a self-evolving system, which not only control entire human body but also update its understanding based on experiences. 

According to science, human mind thinks in terms of patterns. It identifies pattern and based on these, create new patterns.  How these new patterns are formed and what is the stimulus? How to decide whether these patterns are productive or destructive? What is productive or destructive? 

Humans have a tendency to react.  They are into habit of complaining the outer circumstances based on their experience from any event. 

As constant flow, mind has to indulge itself in any activity, be it proactive or reactive. It has to form new patterns and keep updating old until those are settled and turns into the default behavior. 

Pattern forms not only at individual level but family level, social level or community level like culture and belief.   At such bigger level, these patterns are parental or social conditioning or religious teaching.  These patterns are fed into our mind even before we could control this process. 

Though it can not be said firmly but in current social scenarios, these conditioning have not really been good for entire human race and leading to mass destruction and one day extinction probably. 

Unproductive thinking is the result of reactive approach of humans, which clearly arises from conditioning.  We find ourselves unable to change those patterns (conditioning) and in turn keeps on adopting wrong methodology to sustain and grow. 

In order to move from unproductive to productive, we really to need change ourselves and install new learning by becoming proactive and challenges old pattern by creating new patterns.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

26/11 terrorist attack on Mumbai: Inhuman act on humanity

It is a pity that how easily we forget everything in life and move on. Do we really move on or we have no choice but to move on? None of us has good answer for it. 

I still remember that night, when I saw news of Mumbai terror attack flashing on TV channels. For next few days, it was the only news everywhere. Few men landed in the city, came from unknown land (we all know the name of this unknown land) and turned themselves into killing machine. They killed for some reasons best known to them only. 

Mumbai faced those bullets and lost its dear citizens in this mindless brutality. Many died for no fault of theirs. Probably their only fault was to come in the range of those terrorist guns showering bullets. 

This has certainly left a scar on me. I did not happen to be the on site of massacre on that fateful but I did visit those places many a times before. Now,  here I am, still alive and breathing but there are many, who should also have been alive.

Though mentioning about  26/11 terrorist attack on Mumbai in my book was not the original idea but somehow I felt compelled to show this ghastly activity in my book to convey my own impression. 

Sameer promised Naina to meet next day to confess his love but 26/11 attack took away this only chance from him. 

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