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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

26/11 terrorist attack on Mumbai: Inhuman act on humanity

It is a pity that how easily we forget everything in life and move on. Do we really move on or we have no choice but to move on? None of us has good answer for it. 

I still remember that night, when I saw news of Mumbai terror attack flashing on TV channels. For next few days, it was the only news everywhere. Few men landed in the city, came from unknown land (we all know the name of this unknown land) and turned themselves into killing machine. They killed for some reasons best known to them only. 

Mumbai faced those bullets and lost its dear citizens in this mindless brutality. Many died for no fault of theirs. Probably their only fault was to come in the range of those terrorist guns showering bullets. 

This has certainly left a scar on me. I did not happen to be the on site of massacre on that fateful but I did visit those places many a times before. Now,  here I am, still alive and breathing but there are many, who should also have been alive.

Though mentioning about  26/11 terrorist attack on Mumbai in my book was not the original idea but somehow I felt compelled to show this ghastly activity in my book to convey my own impression. 

Sameer promised Naina to meet next day to confess his love but 26/11 attack took away this only chance from him. 

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