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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Love; that is all we need.

When I decided about penning my thoughts on paper and witnessed these pages turning into a book, I just asked one question to myself as to why am I doing this? Am I writing for the people or for myself? Will I care about what people will say? 

I waited for the answer and it did come like it has always come whenever I needed it.  I knew that I am writing because I needed to do for myself.  I felt the urge of drawing me on sheets of papers and going deep in my heart to check, what is lying there. 

I feel blessed to share that I found an explorer in me who is ready to embrace the unknown.  I found that there exists a soul in me, who could defy obvious to wander into wild. I found that there is a musician who has a desire to be merged with these pure seven sounds of the creator. 

As I kept on writing, I realized that actually we all have these things, what I have. We are all one and have never been apart.

We were told since young age that air, water and food is something, we need more than anything else.  But my own discovery led me to a different conclusion. We don’t need air, water and food as it is already there in plenty around us. 

We need love. We have just one need. This is to love and be loved. 

I am pained to see that we forgot such an important need in the race of life, which is just a fallacy. 

We are in far greater journey than we think. 

I wish, we did not have clever ancestors who came up with the idea of human advancement in the name of development and growth.  This so called growth has caused far more damage to our basic nature rather than uplifting our consciousness. 

Today, we are just running and not even realizing that we are reaching nowhere but circling around. 

With deep pain in my heart and closed eyes, I pray to creator asking for the wisdom so that we can really understand who we are and what we should really have been. 

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