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Monday, May 11, 2015

Race against Time – Can we defeat it?

In Naina-The Eyes book, when Sameer asked his servant to remove all watches and clocks to from his house, he was thinking that he could defeat time by turning his house into timelessness.  He did it just to save something, which he loved most in his life and was very precious to him. 

We all pass from this phase in life. We try to hold on those things, we love most thinking that we might not lose those. 

We come to this world helplessly and leave exactly in the same fashion. When death knocks your door and ready to embrace you in its arm to take you away from this world forever leaving behind your legacy, you are no more than a puppet.  You have no choice but to follow the command of death and take on your further journey with it. 

At that point of time you realize that how empty was the life and how weak you were.  Everything you did in this life and accumulated is left behind now and would only carry your name. 

Death is an eternal truth and time is its carrier. You may forget it but time never. 

One day, when it comes with all its force and in a flip of moment, it is all over. 

Humans have always thought that they have made great progress and would unfold the mystery of this world one day. But I am sure that this innocent yet foolish human ambition would have looked hollow without any profound meaning but only play of ego. 

Let’s not forget death as this is only truth, which is not only absolute but unchanging.

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