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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Unproductive Thinking, a path to self-destruction

Humans are born with mind, an infinitely powerful system, capable of virtually achieving anything. This system is made up of cells at the microscopic level and run on oxygen supply.  It is the central part of human body and controls every other body functions. 

This is a self-evolving system, which not only control entire human body but also update its understanding based on experiences. 

According to science, human mind thinks in terms of patterns. It identifies pattern and based on these, create new patterns.  How these new patterns are formed and what is the stimulus? How to decide whether these patterns are productive or destructive? What is productive or destructive? 

Humans have a tendency to react.  They are into habit of complaining the outer circumstances based on their experience from any event. 

As constant flow, mind has to indulge itself in any activity, be it proactive or reactive. It has to form new patterns and keep updating old until those are settled and turns into the default behavior. 

Pattern forms not only at individual level but family level, social level or community level like culture and belief.   At such bigger level, these patterns are parental or social conditioning or religious teaching.  These patterns are fed into our mind even before we could control this process. 

Though it can not be said firmly but in current social scenarios, these conditioning have not really been good for entire human race and leading to mass destruction and one day extinction probably. 

Unproductive thinking is the result of reactive approach of humans, which clearly arises from conditioning.  We find ourselves unable to change those patterns (conditioning) and in turn keeps on adopting wrong methodology to sustain and grow. 

In order to move from unproductive to productive, we really to need change ourselves and install new learning by becoming proactive and challenges old pattern by creating new patterns.

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