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Monday, May 25, 2015

Why love story still connect to people

Being a lovable person means to have the ability to understand and sense the emotions of others.  To feel that one must treat everyone exactly in the same way, he or she would like to be treated.

In this book, female protagonist, Naina was deprived of motherly love as she lost her mother in very young age.  But she managed to fill this gap by allowing herself to be a mother of everyone around her. She cared for everyone selflessly and comforted them by her charming smile.

She also chose the nursing profession so that she could serve to people and be close to god.  

When Sameer entered in her life, she allowed herself to experience the love of someone special and felt blessed to have him in her life.

Sameer and Naina did not do extraordinary things but rather they tried living their life in very modest manner giving able support, love and company to each other.

They did not scale any mountain or crossed the ocean to achieve something to earn the appreciation of people.  They ate together, walked together and shared each and every small things of their life.

They just did one thing without bringing the ounce of corruption in their hearts. They loved each other more than anything else in this world and promised to love even after they leave this mortal body.

For Sameer and Naina, this book came to end but not their love and their love story. 

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