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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Mumbai 26/11, a symbol of deep rooted hatred in humans

At once, Mumbai burned and faced bullets

Naina agreed to meet Sameer next day after finishing her hospital duty.  But on the same unfateful night, Sameer was hit by three bullets and almost lost the battle of life in famous 26/11 Mumbai terror attack.  Sameer, who only understood the language of love through music, was punished for the crime, he never committed. Sameer was someone, who would let other smile by taking away their pain and miseries.

He just wanted one thing, just one thing. This is love, for him and for others.

Why those traders of death fired on Sameer and countless others?  Those traders of death did not even know the names of their victims. They fired on each and every one and wounded deeply their body and soul.

Where are we heading for?  Why did we invent guns? Why is needed to kill others and what for? Are we insane? Have we lost our senses?  What are we trying to prove? Do we ever realize that we have no world to rule? Nothing belongs to one person but all of us. Why did we create religions and where these religions are taking us? Are we worshiping God or flatly abusing him by killing his own creation?

We are real idiots and have no rights to kill any life. But we are so arrogant and egoist that we deny to acknowledge others life forms and flatly refusing to co-exist.

God made this world beautiful and created so much for all of us to consume so that we all can live in peace and respect each other.  But somehow, God trusted too much on us and gave us mind to think at will. He gave us wisdom to decide and to choose.

We chose to rule to pacify our ego.

We are no more humans but killing machine.  We kill not to feed our needs but eternally unsatisfied greed.

God must be feeling sorry for creating humans. We created less and destroyed more.

Forgive us God. 

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